Health Care Reform Sellout

The Democrats seem quite proud of their new legislation but it definitely was a sell out to the Health Care Industry and Big Pharmaceutical industry. The problem was millions were without any insurance and for the most part could not afford the high premiums with high deductibles their solution? Make it a law that everyone must buy insurance from some provider of their choice. Wow why didn’t we think of that? Eureka what a revelation. This is typical of politicians trying to get elected by promising things they know they will never deliver. Making pre-existing conditions go away was a good idea but then on the other hand you are still required to buy insurance and the insurance companies have to insure you but you still have the deductibles and co-pays which only gives insurance companies more ways to screw you over. They should have done away with deductibles it only causes more problems getting health care when you have to pay out of pocket expenses up to $1000 plus the $2000 a year payments before insurance companies pay their share and this causes hardships on those who are having a hard time making ends meet the fact that they didn’t do anything about this was a basic sell out to corporate interests. Right now if  I buy into the states preexisting conditions policies you will find that making $21000 yr is hard enough but now you add insurance payments and deductibles  this is a major rip off for one thing anyone making that low wage will find it hard to cough up $1000 deductable plus pay $50 week insurance payment it  is just like not having insurance at all and yet your paying out the ass for the useless insurance you do get how are you supposed to come up with $1000 when you only make $21000 yr ..Let’s see $1000 deductable plus $2000 equals $3000 yr for someone who only makes $21000 yr what a disgrace for any politician to impose such a heavy tax on its low income citizens and call this a health care victory what lies they have told they might have just as well left things alone for all the good it did only now if you don’t pay it the IRS will have bold new laws to take it from you and you will not have any choice they can garnish any tax refund you may get so forget the earned  income credit if you have kids or are single and also they can  garnish wages or take real property to satisfy that debt so now you are royally screwed in the ass thanks to President Obama and his cohorts who are patting themselves on the back and telling us the problem is now solved. The ones who are really hurt by this legislation are the ones who work for a living that make the lowest of wages they make to much for Medicaid  but now they fall into that pay out the ass bracket the rich will not suffer and yet they are the ones who cried foul and screamed we don’t want no government takeover of our insurance just your basic  tea party conservative  rhetoric  in fact this legislation did not hurt any of them but you would think  it killed them and sent them all to the poor house lol what schmucks as usual the rich got off the hook and the working man took one in the ass.

I challenge any politician to explain to me how I am better off now with this new health care law. I am now going to be even poorer than I was and I’m still not going to be able to go to the hospital or to a doctor without having to empty my wallet to cover it and that’s me paying not the insurance company. The only ones who always benefit are the non-working poor those who chose to be bums or live off their relatives they don’t have an income so uncle Sam will provide for them because they chose to be unproductive but anyone with a low life job will be stuck paying the bill so I don’t want to hear the rich crying about health care they don’t know what they’re talking about if you want to know what living ruff is walk in my shoes this coming year.

The insurance companies have and will make a killing off this new law for one they will not have to do anything for the next four years and they have already raised rates on all their customers by as much as $200 month and will probably go up even higher and they will not have to cover preexisting conditions for four years either only the states will do this  so by the time the new laws go into effect they will have been able to gouge  the American people out of billions of dollars yes this new legislation should be called the great American sell out. Hopefully when the elections come most of these incumbent bums will be tossed out on their royal asses. I hope the American people turn out in droves and vote for any politician republican or democrat that is not an incumbent its time to get rid of the old has beens they are out of touch with the working man and only side with special interests and their own interests which is always staying in power and feeding off the corporate moguls feeding trough and every time a new politician is elected and he starts taking money from the corporate bosses then let flush him out on the next election it’s our only hope these engrained  politicians claim that only they have the experience and only they can save us from all the meannies in this world well don’t believe them all this experience is what has got us into this mess all they do is bicker and play petty games with all our lives they will not sit down and do anything of substance unless there is money to made for their efforts or if it conflicts with their corporate masters  TOSS EM OUT its our only hope.

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